Initial Process:

After you have contacted us either via email or telephone, we will take down key information from you about yourself and your GP. In some cases, to ensure you receive the best care it may be important for us to contact and discuss your condition with your GP if onward referral or investigations are required.

Alternatively, you may have been referred to us directly from your GP in which case we may already have some details regarding your condition and past medical history.

We will establish your availability and provide you with an appointment at our clinic based at Open Space Business Centre, Nr Malvern.

In certain situations, we may be able to arrange a home or yard visit which is often more suitable for group bookings to distribute travel costs. We will be happy to accommodate you and discuss your needs at point of booking.

Diagnosis (Initial Assessment):

Our initial assessment takes an hour to fully investigate your presenting condition. It is vital that we are thorough at this stage to identify the key areas to focus our treatment. Our Physiotherapists always target the cause of the problem otherwise you will find that the issues will just reoccur again and again until the root cause is dealt with.

The assessment will involve an initial discussion with your Physiotherapist to identify the history and causative factors of your condition. It is important to us that we identify your main goals and what you would like to achieve with physiotherapy to ensure a successful outcome.

Your Physiotherapist will then complete a physical assessment. This will include observation of movement and functional tasks, specific objective tests and palpation of soft tissues, joints and skeletal system. It is important that you are wearing clothes that are comfortable to move in and allow the physiotherapist to observe and palpate specific areas. We will ensure that modesty and dignity is maintained at all times.

At the end of this process a clear understanding of your condition will be identified and a treatment plan will be made in line with ideal goals for a successful return to function.

Usually there is time for an initial treatment to be carried out at this time plus advice to continue with until the next session.

Follow- Up Appointment:

Follow-up appointments are all sessions after the initial assessment with includes treatment and advice towards reaching defined and set goals. A follow-up appointment lasts 1 hr and is 100% treatment focused after a quick review of progress since the last appointment.

The length of time between sessions will be determined by the Physiotherapist and discussed with you along the way. The condition you present with and how you respond to treatment defines how many sessions you will need.

What can you expect?

You can expect 100% dedication from our team at every stage. Open communication and a commitment to you to ensure we guide you and help you through the entire process from your initial contact to our office all the way through to a functional recovery and achievement of your goals.

Woman having physio done on her ankle


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Woman having physio done on her leg/hip

Movement Dysfunction

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